Kamakura kimono rental

Located a 5 minute walk from Kamakura Station.
The store has a garden and is the largest in Kamakura with over 1,000 outfits.


Can I really come in without anything?

Although you are not required to bring anything in, we recommend bringing in camisole or tank tops with an open upper chest area.
Since it gets extremely cold during the winter, it's better to bring in thick clothing. Please bring in clothes such as a shirt, tight-fitting pants, gloves, and shawls.
* Please be sure to bring in clothes that are widely open around the neck area.
* Undershirt (to be worn under hadajuban), new Japanese tabi socks, small articles, sandals, and things that need to be worn with kimono are all prepared in the store. Please do not worry.

Can I choose my plan on the same day?

If you haven't picked you plan while making your reservation, you can pick in store. If you have picked a plan while making your reservation, please tell us once you visit our store. But then, it's hard to know what you'll get for your plan until you actually see them, right? If we have kimonos for other plans in stock, you can change your plan on the same day. If there is a change to your plan, feel free to ask one of the staff.

Do you have extra large kimonos?

We do, although in limited quantity. If you notify us while making your reservation or once you visit our store, our staff will find a size that suits you. Depending on the plan, we might not have sizes that fit you. Feel free to ask one of our staff. If you are making a reservation, please notify us while doing so.

Can I leave my belongings at the store?

We hold all of our customers' belongings for free. Please do not worry. However, note that we cannot hold expensive jewelry or any item of extremely high value. We ask for your understanding.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Although it is possible to cancel, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.
We accept cancellation until a day before your visit date.
If there is no contact from the customer, or if the customer cannot show up on the day, please be advised that there may be a cancellation fee.

How long does it take from visiting the store to sightseeing the city?

With everything included (kimono choosing, wearing, and hair styling), everything takes about an hour in total.
The time may vary by person, however, so it might take a little bit longer than an hour, or shorter.
Also, during tourist season, the store might become heavily crowded and experience delays.
Please visit with enough time.

Please tell us about damaging or soiling the kimono

If the stain is small and inconspicuous, there is no fee. However, there are cases where we can deduct a certain amount from the deposited amount depending on the size of the stain. (Food stains, large stains, oil stains, paint, damage, burnt holes, and other damages that cannot be corrected in store)
Among silken items, there are many that are one-of-a-kind, and hard to fix. Also, please refrain from smoking or spraying perfume while wearing the kimono as it might leave odor.
*Please note that the kimono repair costs will be deducted from the customer's deposit.