Kamakura kimono rental

Located a 5 minute walk from Kamakura Station.
The store has a garden and is the largest in Kamakura with over 1,000 outfits.

How To

Reservations / visiting

Since the store may be crowded if you are visiting the store on the same day, we recommend making a reservation in advance.
(If the store is not busy, you can also make same-day reservations.)
You can make reservations over the phone and via email. We accept reservations as early as 3 months in advance.




Once we confirm your reservation, we either call you or send you an email.
In case you don't receive a confirmation call or email, please contact us.
When making a reservation, please note that we ask things such as: the customer's address, height, plan type, hair set, and number of people in the party.
Please also note that certain sizes might not be available depending on the plan.


* We ask customers who are returning on the following day to show us their ID. Please be advised.

* Depending on our reservation situation, we might decline certain reservations.

* If you have a large party, we ask you to please contact us beforehand

* You can change your kimono plan on the same day.

Choosing the plan / kimono

Once you visit the store and go through reception, you will get to choose from a variety of kimonos, belt, sandals, and small items that are included in the plan. If you can't choose, there's no need to worry. The staff will help any customer with choosing their outfit.


Wearing the kimono

Our experienced staff will help customers wear their kimono.
It might feel a bit awkward at first, but it will feel better with time.
The time it takes to wear is about 30 to 40 minutes.


* Before you leave the store, if you feel uncomfortable or awkward in your kimono, please tell the staff.

* We also help with wearing customers for those who bring their own (a separate helping fee applies)


Hair setting

Customers can choose from a variety of hair sets. The stylist will help arrange your hair to look cute. Once you look nice and cute, it's time to take a walk!


* Although we cannot do anything outside what's included in the plan, if you have a style that you're interested in, please tell us.


Going out to Kamakura

Once you're done with all your preparations, let's start walking towards downtown, to Enoshima! You can look forward plenty of things to enjoy.
We also recommend visiting our store as soon as it opens to enjoy a more relaxed time seeing around the city.
The reason we recommend visiting our store as early as possible is because we want our customers to see various parts of the beautiful city, such as the temples, shrines, and create beautiful memories without feeling rushed.
Have fun in the city as if you've gone back in time to the Kamakura period!


* Many temples close around sunset, so make sure to visit them early!


Returning your Kimono

We ask that you return your kimono to our shop before closing time. (by 18:00)
A ¥1,000 late fee will apply for every 30 minutes past 18:00.
The same late fee will apply in the event you return the kimono the next day (after 0:00). We ask that you please return your kimono by 18:00.