Kamakura kimono rental

Located a 5 minute walk from Kamakura Station.
The store has a garden and is the largest in Kamakura with over 1,000 outfits.

Rental Plans

Otegaru Komachi

Put on the cute (kawaii) traditional Japanese wear, Kimono, and walk around temples and shrines to create beautiful memories. This is the cheapest plan we have available.

※All materials are polyester.


Haikara Komachi

For those who want to look more mature and aren't satisfied with just cuteness. Would you like to look like a mature lady in a calm atmosphere? This is our standard plan. Please try it out.


Honkaku Komachi

Would you like to wear a kimono that was made with Japan's traditional techniques? Specially-dyed with beautiful patterns and gorgeous color gradation, this kimono has unique colors made possible by its authentic high-quality fabric. Please try it out.


Kunimatsu Komachi

Our most luxurious plan. Would you like to try out a kimono that was designed by kimono artists and made by real artisans? There aren't many in Japan who can wear this kind of kimono. We have a number of rare and unique kimonos. Please try them out.

※For the Kunimatsu Plan, you'll be able to choose between komon, homongi, and tsukesage kimono.


  • 国松小町
  • 国松小町

Couple's plan

When a couple visits one of Japan's oldest cities, both of them should be able to try out Japan's kimono. If both sides can wear it, it will definitely be more fun and memorable. Please try it out for kimono dates in Japan and creating fun memories.

※For ladies, please select a kimono from our Haikara Plan


  • カップルプラン
  • カップルプラン

Men's plan

There aren't kimonos just for women. For those who want to look cool like samurais and warriors! Men want to walk around the ancient city of Kamakura in Japan's traditional outfit, too. We invite male guests to try our service.


Parent and child plan

How about a loving family tour plan with your favorite mom and dad in kimono? Please don our kimono and tour the old city of Kamakura.

※Please select a kimono from our Honkaku Komachi Plan



Photograph our Store or Gardens

Inside the store. How about a picture in the store's garden? The pictures that were taken are available as photo books.

in preparation

  • 店内・庭園撮影
  • 店内・庭園撮影

Hair setting

The store's stylist will set the customer's hair to go well with the kimono.

※For rental customers only.

※Hair ornaments can also be rented for around ¥300.


  • ヘアセット
  • ヘアセット

Dressing Service

Dressing service is also available for customer-supplied kimono and yukata.

※Prices start at ¥2,000 for yukata and ¥3,000 for komon.

※Fees are not charged for options on kimono rented from our store. For all other kimono, please ask for more details.


  • 着付けサービス
  • 着付けサービス